Stay Strong: The Eddy King Story

Photo by Sterling Lorence

Film Production: Anthill Films

Client: Shimano

In 2018, global cycling brand Shimano entered the electric bike market with their proprietary Shimano STEPS e-bike motor. While cycling populations in other parts of the world have embraced this relatively new technology, mountain bikers in North America have been more resistant to the idea, citing reasons such as increased traffic and erosion on sensitive trails. The challenge was to present e-bikes as an irrefutable benefit to certain cyclists by telling their side of the story.


I brainstormed with the team at Anthill to come up with a three-pronged concept that we could then present in video form:

  1. E-bikes help with mobility
  2. E-bikes are a valuable utility
  3. E-bikes are much more fun than people think


The anchor piece of content for this video campaign was about mobility. BMX Hall of Famer Eddy King suffered a devastating spinal injury when mountain biking in California in 2013 that left him unable to walk. After months of intense rehabilitation, not only could he walk, but with the help of an e-bike he could once again go mountain biking  independently. The video was titled Stay Strong: The Eddy King Story.

The Rebuilder spoke to the utility of e-bikes for mountain bike trail builders. With more power to haul tools and heavy equipment such as chainsaws,trail builders are able to build more trail, quicker. This benefits the entire mountain bike community.

Photo by Sterling Lorence

E-masters was a more humorous take on the perception of e-bikes in mountain bike communities. It followed racing brothers Wyn and Ed Masters as they rode and played on their ebikes in the mountains around Queenstown, NewZealand.


In addition to the early brainstorming sessions, I researched and wrote online articles to enhance the SEO and presentation of all three videos on the blog.

All photos by Sterling Lorence.