Return to Earth: The Series

Film Production: Anthill Films

Client: Outside TV

Released: June, 2020

Athletes at practice while filming Return to Earth in Hawaii. Photo by Sterling Lorence
Athletes at practice while filming Return to Earth in Hawaii. Photo by Sterling Lorence

Anthill Films have made some of the most prolific mountain bike films over the last 20 years. I joined the Squamish, BC-based film studio as a contract copywriter and content specialist in 2017 and have since worked alongside this small team to help promote and distribute their content for dozens of projects.

In 2019, while filming their latest feature film Return to Earth, the team at Anthill collaborated with five “difference makers” in mountain bike communities around the world. An idea spawned that Anthill could make a five-part TV show that explored the lives of these community leaders and showcase some never-before-seen footage originally captured for the feature film. OutsideTV commissioned the project that was later named Return to Earth: The Series.

Animated scenes in Return to Earth: The Series were illustrated by Taj Mihelich

Working with Brice Minnigh (editor at Freehub Magazine) we developed concepts and story arcs for each episode.

When the time came to script the video scenes and write the voice over narration, I worked closely with the production team at Anthill in order to deliver all five 22-minute episodes on time and on budget.

Some of the tasks I was responsible for during this project:

  • Story boarding scenes to fit the TV show structure of Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Conclusion
  • Combing through hours of video interview footage to find the best quotes that would support the story arc
  • Writing the voice over narration and directing recording sessions with the voice actor
  • Collaboration with the editor on revisions
  • Writing and packaging online articles, social media posts and press releases for each episode as the series rolled over a five-week period. This involved coordination between multiple parties (client, sponsors, partners, athletes and media outlets)

The full 22-minute episodes require asubscription to the OutsideTV app, but 5-minute teasers and articles can be found here: