Fedchenko Glacier Tajikistan Pamirs expedition
On Day 21 the five-day storm had finally passed, revealing the formidable Pamir Mountains once again

Earlier this season, German backcountry and freeskiing magazine BACKLINE ran a feature on the Fedchenko Glacier expedition that I was a part of in May, 2014. BACKLINE is a big and beautiful coffee table-style publication and I was more than pleased to have my name on the cover headmast alongside veteran snowsport photographers such as Adam Clark, Christian Pondella and Mattias Fredriksson, all whom have been inspirations for me over the years.

To complement each of the features in the print magazine, the publishers release a bonus online addition to the stories profiling the photographers and riders that embarked on the various adventures. SPOTS4ADVENTURES gives an in depth of all five members of the Fedchenko Glacier expedition; Holly Walker, Zeb Blais, Emelie Stenberg, Selena Cordeau and myself. It also features a stack of photos that didn’t run in the magazine.

In November of 2014, our story also ran as a nine-page feature in Mountain Life Magazine’s “Higher Learning” issue, one of the publications largest feature articles to date. Mountain Life also helped sponsor my short film “Flow of the Fedchenko,” which followed the trials and tribulations of the expedition.

The Fedchenko Glacier expedition was made possible by grants from the Alpine Club of  Canada, Polartec, and MEC, as well as sponsorships from inReach Canada, Goal Zero, Darn Tough Socks, Beal Ropes, Clif Bar and Mammut.