The Outsider: The Joy of Sending it

March 11, 2016Skiing, Winter

Photos by Vince Shuley March is certainly making a fierce return to winter. This is the month where skiers and snowboarders in Whistler start to check off their freeride goals for the season, whether it’s skiing a line that’s intimated them for years, launching further through the air than ever before or simply exploring a new zone, in … Read More

The Outsider: Crash porn is the new ski film vogue

November 26, 2015Lifestyle, Skiing, Winter

There’s a line from the movie Nightcrawler where Rene Russo’s night news producer character describes to rookie freelance cameraman Jake Gyllenhaal what kind of footage she wants for her breakfast news program. “Think of our newscast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut,” she explains. Mainstream media’s obsession with covering … Read More

The Outsider: Why I ski on Opening Day

November 18, 2015Skiing, Winter

Damn it feels good to be back on skis. Winter is truly here, and like every dedicated snow eater, who is patiently waiting for Whistler Blackcomb’s Opening Day, I have my priorities. Skiing. Touring. Powder. With the start of the season looking good so far (knocking on wood as I write this), many diehard skiers and … Read More

The Outsider: Man-made snow no riskier than the real stuff

December 9, 2014Skiing, Winter

Last week The Province ran a cover story titled “Man-made risk: Are local ski hills putting you in danger by opening early?” It featured Vancouver safety advocate Richard Kinar expressing concerns that Vancouver resorts are opening too early without sufficient snow coverage. To back up his argument, he pointed to the death of 16-year-old Brazilian … Read More

Beyond Awareness – Researcher looks to behavioural science to spark social change in the backcountry

January 23, 2014Backcountry, Skiing, Winter

With Avalanche Awareness Days now in Whistler’s rear-view mirror, the hope of the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) is that people will take more steps to avoid the dangers of the backcountry. But one Whistler-based researcher is asking the question: Is building awareness the most effective way to reduce avalanche fatalities? “In part we’re sounding like … Read More

Debunking the human factor – Avalanche safety tools have advanced, human nature remains the same

January 16, 2014Avalanche, Backcountry, Skiing, Winter

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.” — Barry LePatner It was in the winter of 1973 on Vancouver’s North Shore when Mitchell Sulkers and four friends decided to venture past the resort boundary of Seymour Mountain. A storm had rolled through the region dropping almost 50 centimetres of snow that … Read More

Bucket List – Changing the face of adaptive skiing

October 9, 2012Skiing, Winter

Big-mountain lines and backcountry booters are the new face of adaptive skiing  For most skiers, the thought of not being able to ski again is terrifying. Ankles and knees, the articulating joints that allow you to slide down the mountain, are too often taken for granted—until the reality check of a bone break or ligament … Read More

Remembering the Rooster

February 28, 2012Skiing, Winter

“The faster you go, the less time you’re in danger” Eric Rousseau 1971-2011 Ski instructors don’t bring home world cups or Olympic gold medals, but they are nonetheless a mainstay of our sport. How else will the ski industry sustain itself if we don’t focus on bringing new people into the fold of our winter … Read More