Bucket List – Changing the face of adaptive skiing

October 9, 2012Skiing, Winter

Big-mountain lines and backcountry booters are the new face of adaptive skiing  For most skiers, the thought of not being able to ski again is terrifying. Ankles and knees, the articulating joints that allow you to slide down the mountain, are too often taken for granted—until the reality check of a bone break or ligament … Read More

Remembering the Rooster

February 28, 2012Skiing, Winter

“The faster you go, the less time you’re in danger” Eric Rousseau 1971-2011 Ski instructors don’t bring home world cups or Olympic gold medals, but they are nonetheless a mainstay of our sport. How else will the ski industry sustain itself if we don’t focus on bringing new people into the fold of our winter … Read More

Kootenay Coldsmoke Powder Festival

February 23, 2012Backcountry, Lifestyle, Ski Touring, Winter

When you hear the words “road trip” the pop culture image comes to mind of a bus load of drunken, obnoxious college kids crossing state lines being chased by the authorities. Though this scenario is certainly not unheard of in Whistler, in a mountain town the road trip usually has a more focused goal, that … Read More