Mountain Biking Whistler Mountain’s Backcountry

September 13, 2016Mountain Biking, Summer

Back in 2012, the Whistler Bike Park proudly opened the Top of the World (TOTW) trail, finally linking Whistler Peak with the Garbanzo Zone trails. It was the first time Whistler Blackcomb had officially included alpine riding withing its terrain boundary and four years later, TOTW remains a bucket list item for both locals visitors … Read More

The Outsider: Let it rain for the greater good

June 16, 2015Mountain Biking, Summer

With the conclusion of spring operations at Whistler Blackcomb, summer has officially kicked off. Some may argue that it’s been summer since early May (or in some people’s eyes, early February), but while the chairlifts are turning one can never quite embrace the change of season in full force. Now that the glorious Gaper Day … Read More

Outerbike and the Law of Diminishing Returns

June 9, 2015Mountain Biking, Summer

A few weeks ago I wrote An Idiot’s Guide to mountain bike purchase, explaining the ins and outs of purchasing bikes on the second hand market for those folks who don’t have the capital to walk into a shop and buy a bike straight off the shelf. This week, I’m doing the complete opposite. Even … Read More

The Outsider: Shoppers Guide to the WORCA Bike Swap

April 29, 2015Mountain Biking, Summer

NOTE: This article has since been updated for the 2016 WORCA Bike Swap Saturday, May 7 marks Whistler’s Black Friday of secondhand bike sales — WORCA’s annual Bike Swap. There’s nothing quite like dozens of people simultaneously walking away from this event — wheeling their new purchases — to help spike local enthusiasm for the sport … Read More

Sarah Leishman joins Juliana-SRAM Pro Team

March 18, 2015Mountain Biking, Summer

Despite losing much of her 2014 mountain biking year to injury, Sarah Leishman was able to turn her season around last year after accepting an offer to join the new Juliana-SRAM Pro Team. “I was happy with the sponsors I had before,” said Leishman. “I’m really lucky to have the support I’ve had. It was … Read More

Building better mountain bike instructors with the PMBIA

December 20, 2014Mountain Biking, Summer

For decades the snow sport industry has had a method in place for training its ski and snowboard instructors. In Canada, that’s through the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) and the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI), both of which offer internationally recognized certification. Mountain biking is a much younger sport and as such, has … Read More

The Outsider: Strava: There’s a time and a place

October 9, 2014Mountain Biking, Summer

If you’ve ever ridden a bike or put on a pair of running shoes, you’ve likely heard of the ubiquitous smartphone app Strava. For the uninitiated, Strava is a GPS tracking app that lets you set or follow “segments” on particular routes or trails and compares the your time to your previous efforts and the … Read More

The Outsider: Zen and the art of bike maintenance

August 17, 2014Mountain Biking, Summer

I’m pretty useless when it comes to maintaining cars. I know how to change a tire, add fluids and do the basic part replacements and bodywork, but anything more complicated than that I usually end up calling one of my more auto-mechanically inclined friends for advice, or bite the bullet and book it into the … Read More

The Outsider: War of the mountain bike wheels

August 17, 2014Mountain Biking, Summer

If you’ve been out riding over rocks rather than living under one, you would have noticed that mountain bikes have bigger wheels these days. The decades-old standard of a 26 inch mountain bike wheels has been supplanted by 27.5 (650B) and 29 inch diameters, with most of the mountain bike industry embracing the change. Debate … Read More

The Outsider: The Toonie spectrum of Whistler

August 12, 2014Mountain Biking, Summer

The Toonie races are undoubtedly the largest and most frequent gathering of any recreational group in Whistler. With over 1,800 members and with the help of local business sponsors, the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA) can host more than 20 of these mountain bike races from the spring to fall and still have a … Read More