Review: Icebreaker Stratus Long Sleeve Zip Hood

November 30, 2015Review

  Puffy expectations The “puffy” jacket is one of the most important pieces of apparel in the winter gear closet. It can be layered between base layers and a shell to block a chilling wind or work alone for sitting on an après patio. The choice has always been between down and synthetic fill jackets … Read More

Review: Back to the Wild: A Practical Manual for Uncivilized Times

October 21, 2015Review

There has been two historical events during my lifetime that have had people thinking that world was going to end. The first was Y2K, that numeric date change that had people stocking fallout shelters with months of supplies and rations. The second was the Mayan “Doomsday” Calendar prediction that the world was going to end … Read More

Review: BCA Float 42 Avalanche Airbag

April 2, 2015Avalanche, Backcountry, Review, Ski Touring, Winter

I’ve remained largely indifferent to avalanche airbags since they started gaining popularity a few years ago. I thought them to be expensive, excessively heavy pieces of equipment suitable for snowmobilers or guests and guides at mechanized operations. I never really took them seriously for self-propelled ski touring. Earlier this season I began working with the Backcountry Access’ #Direct2Dirtbag influencer program and … Read More

First Look – BCA Float 42 Avalanche Airbag

February 25, 2015Backcountry, Review, Winter

The only thing as awesome as using new gear for the first time, is taking it out of the wrapper on the living room floor and playing with it. Like a child at Christmas, the whole unboxing, unwrapping, tag removal and instruction manual disposal has been a ritual of mine for years now. I was recently … Read More

Book Review: Joining the Revolution

December 12, 2013Lifestyle, Review

The craft beer industry is booming in B.C. Hot on the coattails of Oregon (often regarded as the craft beer capital of the new world), there are now over 50 craft breweries scattered throughout B.C. from Tofino to Fernie. With such a vast range of breweries and beers being produced in communities of all sizes … Read More